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Tanzania Kilimanjaro ATM & Currency

ATMs (cash points)

Are located in almost all banks with 24-hour access and give the same exchange rate as the bank. They may require a Visa card. Inquire if there is any additional fee for withdrawing using a Visa debit card.

Credit / Debit cards: advised in case of emergency. Surcharges to withdraw or make payments using a card may be up to 5% on the transaction value. Reliability of card machines and ATM’s is up and down so we recommend keeping some cash on you for emergencies.



Tanzanian Shillings: the official national currency. Tanzanian Shillings are only available in Tanzania. Most of your prices and costs however (park fees, accommodation, tours, etc.) are paid in USD ($).

US Dollars: considered to be the mostly used foreign currency accepted in most tourist places.

Only US dollar bank notes printed after 2006 are accepted in Tanzania, notes printed before this year are not accepted by banks in Tanzania and not a valid currency.

Other currency: Common currencies such as pounds, euro’s and more may be accepted at local bureaus, however we advise on converting these to USD in your country of origin to avoid delays and inconvenience.